Illegal Paris

Un parcours sonore géo-localisé en anglais

Parcours documentaire sonore géolocalisé en anglais sur l’économie parallèle dans l’espace public à Montmartre et Château Rouge.

Forget about the romantic past of Montmartre. On this walk, you will explore the rebellious and contemporary side of the hill. Radio producer Jeanne Robet will lead you through a world of the fringe economy. Our journey will make you think about the way we use public space, as you witness how Paris’s strict laws, ranging from comical bureaucratic regulations to controversial laws to meaningful restrictions on darker vices, play out in the streets. You’ll meditate on how we choose what we show and what we hide in public, what we condone, and what we punish.

You will first climb the hill of Montmartre among the tourists, and then walk down to La Goutte d’Or district with a large population of African immigrants. You will meet a grumpy painter, Barry Black the Goulou-Goulou, the Cowboy and his illegal flyers, a pickpocket and other lawbreakers and observers, including the police commander of the whole district. You will search for Eiffel Tower miniatures and stocks of contraband cigarettes, salute a crew of fresh fowl, and remember how beautiful an Imam can sound. Hopefully after this walk, you will feel just as comfortable downhill in the vibrant chaos of illicit activities, as uphill in the polished postcard.

Durée 60 mn. Lancement en mai 2015 sur Detour, start-up américaine d’audio guides documentaires innovants basée à San Francisco. Téléchargement de l’application dans l’Apple Store.